Where the Hell is Penticton?

the Hell is Penticton?

didn’t know and you don’t either. We also know that if you are trying
to sell brand new Andrews
‘s, it is hard to do if no one knows where you are! Let’s back
up by saying that your Ed has just returned from a couple days up there
– a small town along with the huge Lake Okanagan located in a gorgeous
setting just outside of Vancouver, Canada. And like a lot of these fairly
remote water towns, it has an active sailing community that just can’t
wait to go sailing – even in no wind. A
of Rocket 22’s and a mish mash of things like SR 27’s and
Sonoma 30’s, all sailed by enthusiastic, partying Canucks (pretty sure
beer is the National drink), in one of the prettiest lakes adds up to
a lot of fun. Hell, I almost started drinking again…