Sailor Chick of the Week…

Chick of the Week…

…and one happy dude! This is from Thursday night racing on Baltimore
Harbor. They have a fun fleet of J-22’s and Sonars that mostly belong
to their local community sailing center, the Downtown
Sailing Center
. Here’s the back story to this one:

Having had my boss’s boss drop himself into my guest chair JUST as
I was turning off the PC to run out for evening racing, I ended up very
late getting to the docks. Another crew was running late, and a third
when I called him turned out to be in Belgium. Great start to the night!
Holly (blonde in the pic) met me at the sailing center, where as I was
rushing to change I realized the chute was still sitting back home in
my living room across town in Fells Point. Perfect.

We came up with a quick plan – SAIL to my house (close enough), and
meet Maria (brunette on bow) there as well. Well the sprint from the
closest dock we could find in Fells Point to my place was a little longer
than expected, and the kite bag (sheets and waters in there too) was
heavier than expected, but the plan worked out great!

This shot catches us just having come off the start line in race 1
about a minute thirty late, jib not quite up, main a couple inches off
the band, and nearly no outhaul tension – but all smiles just the same!!
What a beautiful night sailing with two of the happiest, hottest, and
most competitive crew mates ever! What a beautiful night! Photo credit
goes to Andy
. – Jon Bigden.