On It



Portugal Match Cup Day Two.

The day’s racing started leisurely, with the westerly seabreeze
filling in about midday to a perfect 8-10 knots which lasted until late
in the evening, allowing the race committee to complete 7 more flights
of the round robin. We dropped only one race, putting us on 7 wins and
2 losses, just one point off Matthiu Richard in first.

We only lost one race against Swedish Sailor of the year Bjorn Hansen
in an intensive battle which saw 2 lead changes and 2 penalties. Unfortunately,
both penalties were against us, firstly for hitting the top mark, and
the second for gibing in Hansen’s water on the final run. We managed
to bounce back however, and defeat the UK’s Nick Cherry as the wind
strengthened to a shifty 15 knots as the sun began to sink.

We have three more races left of the round robin and are quite eager
to add a few more wins to the tally as the possibility of scrapping
the quarterfinals is looming. At the moment we are sitting in 2nd, however
we have done more races than most, so anything could happen.