One Ton Webb


Ton Webb

One of our favorite world cruisers of all time is Webb Chiles,
We remember reading his articles way back in the day in Sail magazine
as he circumvented the world in his Ericson 37 One Ton with no motor.
And now he is doing it again, this time in a 1976 Heritage One Ton! This
from Webb and it is just amazing how some things come full circle:

am in Evanston, having flown back from South Africa, where THE HAWKE OF
TUONELA is, a few days ago. While I continue to love New Zealand, and
have kept my mooring in the Bay of Islands, I like sailing oceans more
than coasts, and so left in April on what, if the boat and I hold together,
be a relatively quick fifth circumnavigation.

In a little less than six months I covered more than 9,000 miles, from
Opua, New Zealand around the top of Australia, to Bali, Cocos and Durban,
South Africa. Not a record pace; but not bad for an old man and an old
boat. As perhaps you know, THE HAWKE OF TUONELA is a 32 year old IOR
one ton. I’ll fly back to Durban in early January, should be back in
New Zealand about this time next year, completing the circle in less
than a year and a half.

I’ve posted my passage logs at www.inthepresentsea.com/blog.
Opua, New Zealand to Cairns, Australia on May 9; Cairns to Darwin on
June 2; Darwin to Bali on July 2; Bali to Cocos on August 7; and Cocos
to Durban on September 11.

– Webb