Brick Hard

Sailor Chick of the Week

Brick Hard

Driving a Melges 24 at a big-fleet regatta is one of the most intimidating racing experiences available to the general sailing public, and despite strong female participation as crew, Kristen Lanewomen drivers have never had any real success in the Class. Until NorCal’s Kristen Lane, that is. Lane, on Brick House, finished seventh overall at the US Nationals on Sunday, just two points behind Scott Nixon at the helm of Quantum Racing. She and husband Peter have a pretty Gucci two-boat program run by our good pal Mark Ivey, with tuning and tweaking and tactics from guys like Brian Hutchinson and Mark Strube, but you don’t get to the top of this fleet without driving your ass off – and in Charleston, Kristen was right in the middle of the big dogs at almost every mark rounding. Kristen was introduced to sailing by her now-husband when they were dating, and now she’s kicking his ass up and down the course. That’s the kind of shit we like to see.

We hope to have an Innerview with Kristen later in the week to find out what it takes for a chick to kick it in the M24 – besides piles of cash and a hot body.

Photo is by Meredith Block – who, by the way, has a few thousand shots available for sale. Browse ’em here.