Mad Skills

Even the most rabid BMW Oracle fan has to admit that Alinghi has been a class act and incredibly skilled in the iShares Cup series. Ed Baird & his crew took the catamaran cup, with a performance that – apart from the very first event, when they capsized on Lake Lugano – was nearly perfect when you take into account their utter newness on the boat for ’08.

Holmatro skipper, Andreas Hagara summed up the development of the class. “In 2007, Basilica (TeamOrigin nowadays) was superior, but Alinghi showed us there is another step from there. All the other teams closed the gap with Origin, but Alinghi was unbeatable. They are fast in all circumstances, very consistent and they stay out of trouble. You can only do that if you are really confident with your team and maneuvers.”

There are rumors of 25 boats on the line for next year’s iShares Cup. We’ve been calling the X-40 the wave of the future for professional sailing, and we can’t wait for the ’09 season. If you haven’t seen why, check out this video.

Mad Men

Ernesto Bertarelli and Larry Ellison might just hate each other’s guts. Their war of words and lawyers has occupied the entire AC world for more than a year now, but is their light at the end of the tunnel? We’ve learned that Ernesto is flying to San Francisco later this week to meet with his nemesis on Ellison’s home turf. A source close to the negotiations told us the meeting is scheduled for this Saturday – will they end their battle and breathe some life into the dying America’s Cup?

We’ll let you know when we do. Until then, there’s always AC Anarchy to procrastinate your time away, brought to you by SLAM.