So Close…

So Close…

I am currently coaching Rob Douglas who just broke the outright World speed sailing record with a ratified run of 49.84 knots. You should see some of the video of the crashes these guys are surviving – sometimes getting completely unexpected and uncontrolled jumps that rip the kiters up over the water 200 meters down the run.

We have some awesome pics, and will break 50 knots next day the wind is strong and we get a good tide again. This week we will also clean up the course so that we can have flatter water. We have been recording top spike speeds to 57 knots (fuck, shit, hate! hope I don’t crash!) on the course but to get a fast 50-knot plus run we need super flat water and a solid 35 knots, without any chop, which happens in 10 minute windows as the tide is just perfect height coming up or down.

We’ll keep you all posted. Check out more about it here.

Michael "GEBI" Gebhardt