New Order


New Order

takes you on a delivery. Enjoy.

Being invited to help deliver the 50 Finot SolOceans from La Trinite
sur Mer to La Rochelle wasn’t really a dilemma, despite the forecast
of 45 knots the day before departure. The wild weather blew through
leaving the famous small harbor looking like summer time Maine. It is
quite impressive looking at the serious sailing hardware floating off
the main quay: Vendee Globe boats (Safran), trimarans (Gitanna II) and
Loick Peyron’s Gitana.

The harbor used to be the main center but, Lorient, just up the coast
a bit, has taken on a lot of the big boats away. None-the-less, this
is home of the famous, Spi-Ouest Regatta and a healthy dose of sleek
6 meter racing.