4 for 4


for 4

Match Cup Day Two

With the Bora mountain wind settled down, Split was transformed into
a tranquil bay with dicey winds that caused some delays. The race committee
only managed to get 4 flights away before the breeze completely shut
off at 4.30 this afternoon, putting pressure on them tomorrow to get
through the big format.

We started the day with a tough match against the Kiwi team, Blackmatch
Racing to finish off the first round robin. Our start was almost textbook,
coming off the line with pace in a strong lee bow position which forced
Minoprio to tack off. We pushed out to a distant left pressure which
never came, giving Minoprio the upper hand. We rounded the top mark
on his tail, and kept the game close downwind. After nailing the bottom
mark rounding, we split tacked off to the right. This time we came out
with the upper hand, and finished just in front to end the round on
7 wins and 2 losses.

So far the second round has run smoothly, winning 3 races straight.
However after the second match our pitman had to sit out due to a head
injury. We were forced to sail with a local star crew who happened to
be out sailing at the time. This put the pressure on the four of us
to pick up our game and fill in for our lost man, and it showed with
a lot of mistakes being made around the course. However we managed to
keep a tight lead into the finish line and ended the day with 4 wins
from 4 races. A special thanks to Line7, Harken and the Royal Perth
Yacht Club for their support.