Lotta Minis


Lotta Minis

We’re starting to see a fair bit of new 6.5’s popping up of
late, and here’s one of the newest.

NACIRA 6.50 did its first sail trial the 16th of September. Good easterly
15 kts and flat sea provided us good sailing condition. As expected
the boat is ligth and fast, and gave us good sensations. Built by Thomas
Madrange (Pixis Boatyard) and designed by Alexis Muratet (NACIRA DESIGN),
this latest Mini Serie project has been initiated by former Mini Transat
winner and figaro sailor Corentin Douguet. Three major options for the
design were as follows:

  1. In order to control the impressive mainsail roach we opted for circular
    mainsail track, wich has been validated on our succesfull mini prototype
  2. As number of sails is limited we decided to go for a big reefable
    solent rather that genoa plus solent, which permits us to have an extra
    downwind sail (genaker or spinaker)
  3. Moving the weight in the boat is critical so we did proper shelves
    running from watertight bulkhead to transom, that will also act as longitudinal

In order to minimize weight, Malric Leborgne (Constellation) has been
contracted for composite engineering of hull shell and structure. The
boat will race next in Challenge Mini which is nothing else than the
french national for mini. Five NACIRA
are already sold!