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From our world famous forums, this one AC

Disclaimer: I’ve had a too much to drink … so this PUI. If Bruno
Trouble is still interested in the Cup. He will get a LV series going.
I can see much more support for a LV90 design with input from the teams
than we will ever see for that AC90 abortion that Alinghi is trying
to peddle.

Everyone will know that the LV90’s are what the Cup boats should have
been. Everyone will know that the teams that compete for the LVC are
the AC.

In the US, the NASCAR championship was the Winston Cup for years …
when it was renamed the Nextel Cup, everyone knew it was the same teams
and the same event. Changing the name didn’t hurt NASCAR at all.

People don’t separate the LVC from the AC. The LVC is a better event
in many ways than the AC match itself. The public will accept the LVS
as the new name for the AC event, just as people had no problem with
the change from Winston Cup to Nextel Cup.