Drill Baby, Drill


Baby, Drill

The above slogan, which has become yet another mindless mantra from the
dumb right wing of this country, nicely sums up their energy policy as
well. Sadly, it may become all of our policy as the dopey House of Representatives just
a decades-old ban on oil drilling, voting to allow drilling
as close as 50 miles from the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. Nobody will
deny that we are looking at a huge energy crises as long we are oil dependent,
but thinking that allowing drilling off the coasts here (which will not
deliver any tangible results for years if not decades) is a good idea,
is both short sighted and environmentally irresponsible, but that’s what
we’ve come to expect from the pathetic leadership in this country. We
lived through the big oil spill in the 70’s here in SoCal and it wasn’t
pretty. The dems should be embarrassed for bending over on this issue,
but that’s what they always do. However, the
more insane politicians in this country, like House Minority Leader John
Boehner (pronounced boner, btw), one of the all-time jack ass Bush toadies,
is against the bill as he thinks it doesn’t allow for enough drilling.
Tools like this won’t be happy till every square inch is drilled. Go USA!
Of course there’s a
on this…