Veiled Threat? AlinghiÂ’s

Veiled Threat?

Alinghi’s Grant Simmer says the current BMW Oracle 90 foot tri
has to be the American team’s DoG boat. “We believe that
the boat specified in their Deed of Gift challenge is the boat that
they have to race and since they argued that they were going to be ready
to race this year, it is clear that the boat that we are watching sailing
in Anacortes at the moment is their race boat.”

Franck Cammas says it is a light wind boat and Groupama 3 would be faster
in 25 knots, so has Larry screwed it? Does Alinghi just have to build
for a venue with good strong winds and win?

According to Simmer, BMW Oracle knows that “when you issue a Deed
of Gift challenge you describe the vessel that you are going to challenge
with. It doesn’t mean that you can build a series loosely fitting
some vague dimensions provided in the challenge document and then pick
one of the boats at a later date. In your challenge you identify your
boat by naming it and then registering it as soon as possible….
For Deed of Gift challenges throughout history, you describe the name
of the vessel you are going to challenge in and that’s it. There’s
never been a substitution of vessel.”

Doesn’t that sound like another court case is on the cards, if
GGYC wins its appeal? AC Anarchy is the place to talk
about it
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