You Know You’re Old When….

Know You’re Old When….

We we’re pondering the graying of our sport the other day
and came up with a few:

You know you’re old when…

  • you wonder why you don’t see bloopers any more.
  • you remember when Dave Ullman "was just a kid."
  • you get nostalgic at the sight of a pintail stern.
  • you think multihulls are weird and don’t belong in racing fleets.
  • think Windward Passage is the greatest boat ever.
  • still think aluminum rigs are safer than carbon.
  • you think AC boats are 12 meters.
  • you still say "you can’t go wrong with Dacron."
  • consider dinghy racing to be ‘junior sailing."
  • think IOR was "the good old days.".
  • you wonder why sprit boats don’t just "pull the pole back."
  • think Sailing World is still good.

Got a few of your