The New 3/4 Tonner?


New 3/4 Tonner?

We’re always looking for the new thing, and one of the areas
that we think this sport needs development (i.e. more boats) is in handicap
fleets. Sure, there is a rash of recent builds at the larger end of
IRC, but we’d really love to see the GP Box rule classes (26 and 33
in particular) take off. Back in the day when 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 1 tonners
were big, despite how dated they may look now, we thought that was some
of the best times for small and medium sized handicap racing.

One of the more established designers anywhere is Bruce Nelson,
and given some of our
, you might be shocked to see his most recent design featured
on the pages of SA. But hell, life is short so we decided it would be
good to get in touch with him, and doing what he rarely does, Bruce
gave us a feature on the new GP 33 from his office. Who knows, this
might be the start of something good. Now we’ll see if it’s as fast
as my Flying Tiger…! Photos courtesy of Ivor Wilkens.