Drink Up


Those Solitaire de Figaro guys sure have bottle. They cross oceans
and face conditions that most 10 metre boat owners wouldn’t think
of going out in and their experience of solo racing ranges from total
novice to old hand. Louis-Maurice Tannyères, who has a great
deal of experience in the business world, is like a child where it comes
to solo racing. At 50, this former senior executive of a multinational
business specialising in electronics opted to make a fresh start and
launch into the adventure of the Figaro Bénéteau circuit.

The next race is from Nice to Istanbul and the event is a bit unusual
in several ways. For a start, the shore crews will be travelling by
boat! Old hand Eric Drouglazet said of the event “This race is
like a breath of fresh air in relation to the more formatted races like
the Solitaire du Figaro or even the Transatlantic races. Here, we’re
going to discover some unknown areas and we’re going to have to
get used to the strokes of both good and bad luck the Mediterranean
enjoys serving up. Added to that, even if you take eight hours on the
first leg, you still stand a chance of getting up with the leaders again.
You have to be solid…” Tannyères said “It’s
my first race, so I’ve come here with a great deal of humility.
I’m going to try to get used to the race rhythm.” This great
shot of Erwin Taberly, on Athema, is by Benoit Stitchelbault. The full
story is here and more Figaro pix are here.