The Win



Simrad 100 on Jagged Edge by Josh Tucker

the forecast of very light winds a few days before the race we had stripped
the boat of any excess weight and made sure that we were 100% cocked
for the potentially very long race. As it turned out on the day there
was plenty of breeze but having a light ship was still good for the
40nm run!

Discovered in the days leading up to the race that our nav lights were
not working, dan bouy light had a blown bulb and the stereo was waterlogged
so we had to actually put a bit of effort in to get 100%, the only way
to fix the stereo was to dry it out and leave it on, if it was turned
off ever then it wouldn’t turn back on until dried again! So the
only answer was music for the whole race, which didn’t worry me
the slightest.