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The Trieste Challenge is one of the more unusual events to be on the
Match Racing circuit, as it only involves 4 teams, each of which are
made up of 8 crew to man the 52 footers.

Although we have a busy 2 months ahead of us, with our European Tour
gradually coming to a close, the Trieste Challenge fits in perfectly
between the ACI Match Cup and St Moritz and is a good chance for us
to learn some more about match racing bigger boats.

We have compiled a strong team, including our regular 5 of Torvar Mirsky,
Graeme Spence, Tudur Owen, Kinley Fowler and new addition Kyle Langford,
along with another young Aussie Adam Martin. Thanks to a few favours,
we also have two America’s Cup crews with us. Team Shosholoza’s
mastman Charles Namkin will be stepping on along with Victory Challenge
grinder Sebastian Tenghage to show us the ropes and teach us a few tricks.

Racing got underway today in 35 degrees and light winds which eventually
saw the day come to an early close. We did manage to complete one match
against Mascalzone Latino’s Savelli. After completely missing
all the starting signals, we were on the back foot with a penalty, but
after Savelli missed a change of course signal, we went on to win the
race. After this, racing was postponed until tomorrow morning. A special
thanks to Line7, Harken and the Royal Perth Yacht Club for their support.

Mirsky Racing Team