Comment on the Comments

on the Comments

This was sent out by a Beneteau dealer on the recent Clean Report on the 36.7 NA’s. Hey, they don’t totally hate us!

Beneteau 36.7 NAs Report in Sailing Anarchy: The following is a link to a report written by Mr. Clean of Detroit, a frequent SA poster. It
is well-written overall, and it gives a good view into the event. There
are certain parts of the article which I do not agree with, but are
typical of many SA posts, such as personal attacks by the poster on
other people. The posters use their assumed pen name, but they rant
about others using the proper names of the targets. It is unfortunate
that SA allows this. In any case you have to take the good with the
bad in these posts.

One other point. The poster is one of those who complain about the
Beneteau 36.7 as being slow, comparing it to boats that are totally
dissimilar and it is unfair to do that. Yes, the 36.7 is a not a Melges
32, but you aren’t going to find fleets of Melges 32s, or any other
sport boats like that, in large numbers locally. But overall this is
a decent