Treated Like Dogs?

Like Dogs?

disqualification of the Farr 11s Stray Dog at the CBYRA Race Week under
rules 51 and 52 demonstrates that Luddites are still alive and well.
The canting keel technology and the associated design features in the
Farr 11S are a clear advance in the state-of-the-art of sailing technology.
If one looks at the YouTube
of the 11S, the specifications,
and the boat reviews, canting keel technology has demonstrated its viability
in a 36-foot boat. Canting keel technology has already revolutionized
the around-the-world racers, as well as the maxi’s and large performance
cruising boats. Canting keels enable a dramatic improvement in performance.
It has been shown that lightweight is fast and fast is fun.

In the past 20 years, other technologies have contributed to improving
the boat performance. Technologies such as carbon rigs, aramid lines,
PC-based instrument and navigation systems, 3 DL sails, carbon epoxy
structures, etc., have all improved boat performance. Controversy surrounded
the introduction of all of these. Each went through a development period
in which shortcomings were fixed. Ultimately, the technology evolved
and is now commonly accepted and available.