Up North


posted a thread where all the usual SA suspects can discuss this year’s
and past North Channel races. Also in the thread I tried to put the word
out so people who might not otherwise have heard about the race might
be persuaded to join us. To supplement that I’m taking my stab at
my first write up in an effort to entice people for the 08’ edition
of the North Channel. Put up or shut up eh? My hope is that I’m
not too late in getting the word out. Btw, that is Evolution (99) and
Punk Dolphin (112) as they make their way up the North Channel in the
2007 race.

The race has been held since 1940, from the SI’s here’s
a brief history of the North Channel race: The North Channel race was
conceived after some good clean fin at the Bayview Yacht Club bar when
Joe Matte and Irv Jorgenson, the owners of Cyrene (C-50), challenged
Jack Briner, the owner of Caprice (C-64), to a match race from Bayview,
up the North Channel, around Russell Island Buoy and back to finish
in front of Bayview. An invitation to the other C boats was send and
two other boats participated, Ed Flintermann’s Deodar (C-57) and
Morrill Dunn’s Cayuse II (C-59). The four competitors anchored
at the starting line, off the Peche Island Range Front Light, with sails
furled and crews waiting below deck. Shortly after midnight the morning
of Saturday, June 15th 1940, the sound and flash of the starting cannon
released the competitors to the start of the first North Channel Race.