Ain’t Superstitious


Bernard Stamm decided to go round Ireland for
his extra Vendée qualifier, needed after Cheminées Poujoulat had been fitted with a new mast, and he encountered some rough stuff.
It was a monochrome voyage; grey sky, black sea, white water and plenty
of that came on deck.

Stamm was able to test the boat on all points and conditions, close hauled
to the Scilly Isles, following winds up the coast of Ireland, then a light
air transition before a front that brought gusts of up to 40 knots and,
finally, a high speed reach from Fastnet to Brest.

All went well, Stamm reckons Cheminées Poujoulat just needs a few
details to be sorted and he and his new boat will be “really good
mates”. This great pic by Benoit Stitchelbault. More here