Rough Stuff

Rough Stuff

been some rough weather around the English and French coasts this last
week and it has been just the thing for sailors wanting to give their
boats a rough water test, before embarking on a round the world race.

Bostik, the prototype SolOceans boat, actually waited for a force 7/8,
to go out test the heavy weather capabilities of a new boom, before finalising
the one design. The boat seems to have gone well and, with the mainsail
double-reefed and a jib, made a constant 20 knots.

We thought Charles Caudrelier was at the helm, but when he stepped off
the boat he said “The waves sweeping the deck, permanently, at this
speed are very dangerous and it’s better to take refuge inside and
let the automatic pilot manage the situation." Was he serious? This
pic by Jean-Marie Liot.

Whilst other entrants have been in, or on the way to the start in sunny
Alicante, Spain, Volvo Ocean Race Team Russia has been slogging it out
in training off a very windy Portland, UK. Having already done a rough
weather qualifier, around Britain and Ireland, crew and boat look ready
to take whatever the Southern Ocean throws at them, but in an event
that will spend a good deal of time to-ing and fro-ing across the equator
you have to ask yourself if a good heavy weather boat is what you want.
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