Reach Out


Reach Out

started as an obvious "must have" for water sports enthusiasts
has become a global phenomenon, and not just for sailors. The rest of
the athletic world has discovered that the DRYSHIRT™ and ProwiK™
are not just good on the water but both have great cross sport applications
in snow sports, indoor sports and anytime you need to stay protected from
the sun. Selling out at EVERY MAJOR REGATTA they have ever been offered
at including Key West Race Week, Chicago MAC, & Whidbey Island Race
Week, the ultimate in environmental protection has now been adopted by
players in the NFL, college and high school football, Lacrosse, BMX, and
Ultimate Fighting and many other sports.

Sailing Anarchy’s marketing power should not be under estimated
and the proof is in the results of what has happened to DryUV over the
past 24 months. Sales are up more than 200% over just one year ago. Sailing
Anarchy has been the only major advertising vehicle DryUV has used and
the viral marketing effect has been incredible. People who sail also participate
in an eclectic mix of other sports and the DryUV brands have spread quickly
into other areas where superior performing gear has provided a tangible

The DRYSHIRT™ and the ProwiK™ were used as the team gear
for the upcoming major motion picture from Disney – Morning
and we expect quite a bit of great exposure through this film.
We are currently looking for established dealers and distributors in
Europe, Australia, and South America to carry the brand. With the dollar
at all time lows in the currency market now is the time to take advantage
of this tremendous opportunity to increase your sales. Please e-mail: [email protected] if you are
interested in carrying the brand or distributing it. If you haven’t
tried this gear yourself yet, have a look and see what you have been
missing – DryUV.