Cheap Seats




Team DYT was in a tail spin today. When we reached the race coure, the
wind was lighter and further in the East than we expected. This started
us second guessing our sail choices for the day. Ten minutes before
our start we swapped out two of our running kites for two reaching kites.
This meant the we had not back up to our full size runner and that would
prove to be a mistake.

While we were concentrating on our sail selection, we were not paying
enough attention toward getting ourselves setup for the start. The last
thing we needed was to be over the line early at the start but we were.
It was one of the longest trips back to the line I have had.

Up the first beat we made some gains on the boats in front (ie. we
could now make out their sail numbers). Then on the first reach we held
on to them which meant that the changes we had made to our setup and
using our Hobart main had improved our reaching performance. During
the reaching leg the wind strength built from 10 to 18.

The next move was a gybe set around a small island. So now we set our
only full sized kite an A-2. Since the wind strength had now built to
over18 it was time to put the boat on the step and start planing. Well
the second we did this, the kite exploded.

The rest of the 7 mile run we sailed VMG with A1.5 and watched the
race from the cheap sets.

Lots of lessons learned an most of them were relearned. Hopefully the
last day will be a better day and we can hold on to our 1 point lead
over Monneypenny. Ingrid
took this great photo.