Many of you know of ocean racing legend Skip Allan’s trauma
in scuttling his Wylie 28 "Wildflower" while sailing the boat
back from Hawaii after his win in the Single Handed Transpac. We dropped
Skip a note and he was good enough to share this, and it is quite a
read. Btw, we asked Skip if there was anything we could do to help,
and he said so far he has things under control.

Dear Anarchists, Friends and Loved Ones,

following is an abbreviated excerpt from WILDFLOWER’s Ship’s Log. I
will be glad to attempt to fill in details or answer any questions posted
to this SA Forum thread. But this is the best description I can do on
short notice as I travel home by car from S.CAL.

On Saturday, 8/23, 10 days after leaving Hanalei, we were halfway home
to Santa Cruz with 1190 miles to go. We had passed the Pacific High,
and were running in the Westerlies at latitude 38-38 x longitude 147
-17. So far, the passage had been going well, my sixth return passage
from Hawaii aboard WILDFLOWER. But an ominous note on the thrice daily
weather fax charts was the notation “GALE” between our position
and the Pacific Coast.