Watch Captain Sidney Gavigent from last night off PUMA’s il mostro.

until now, the nights have been black, without a moon or stars, leaving
us to drive only using the instruments to reference our position. But
last night nature smiled on our PUMA team and could make see the Big Bear
and so many other constellations. Salty took his position at the wheel
earlier, he is really happy when he’s at the helm. “Being
a child, I dreamed of moments of navigation like this one,” he told
us. It’s not surprising the grin on his face, il mostro has not gone any
slower than 20 knots for 4 hours even though the conditions are relatively
quiet. Capey was certainly right to move our Newport send-off up a day
early, providing us with nice wind throughout our journey. The boat moves
smoothly, has good speed, is heading right towards Gibraltar and quickly
checking off the miles. The important question of whether our boat is
fast or not will only be answered after that race begins, but all signs
look good so far. ‘il mostro’ is performing well. Michi has now taken
over at the helm, our young but talented German is in high spirits. As
for me, my bunk is calling so I must leave you for now, so long…