1 for 3


1 for 3

It’s events
like these
that make you feel like you have made it. A 5 star hotel
2,000 metres up in the Swiss Alps, sailing on brand new boats with the
world’s best match racers fighting it out for a share in the $100,000
prize pool with a crowd of sailing enthusiasts cheering you on.

Unfortunately for us, our performance today didn’t quite match
the standard of the event, only winning 1 of our 3 matches. The conditions
on the mountain lake are tricky with the breeze oscillating majorly,
making small mistakes detrimental to our position.

We were given small comfort when we found out that three other teams
in our group were also on 1 point. Tomorrow is going to be a big day
for us. With two more wins we should be able to secure a spot in the
top 6; otherwise we will be left to battle it out in the repechage for
the last two quarterfinal spots.

Kinley Fowler
Mirsky Racing