Analyze This



The Velocitek boys tackle a couple of good questions.

Question 1: The data available
from Velocitec downloads is assisting the lower end of the fleet to get
up to speed. However, the critical wind information is not captured. Has
anyone managed to link the Velcitec downloads to wind instrumentation
and graphically represent the results and offered the package / code free
to the fleet? Seems to me that for the majority of cash strapped sailors,
this may be an answer to better sailing and boat speed. Finally has anyone
considered using time series data analysis to get to wind predictability
indices and forecasts??? This is likely to be a great boost to the sport,
particularly forecasting of local patterns ??? A low cost solution is
likely to have the effect of bringing more anarchists to a competitive
level, relative to their better heeled antagonists perhaps??? And most
of us have laptops/PC’s for analysis already. Basically building on Bethwaite’s
work & could be a great Masters / PHD thesis methinks. Views????