Sick Kids


Sick Kids

again, we woke up to yet another team member with food poisoning. This
time our bowman, Graeme Spence had been struck and was unable to sail
with us today.

With two crew sick throughout the round robin of the Danish
, and only 6 wins to qualify we were lucky to make it through
to the semis, but at the start of the day we were on equal ground with
Sebastian Col with both teams on 1 win. With Graeme out, we were missing
a large chink of our team and it showed as Col dominated throughout
the series. We were given one win to take the scores to 2-2 in the 4th
race when Col received a penalty in the prestart, but he won the 5th
prestart convincingly and managed to extend his lead to qualify to the

We were given a chance at revenge over Johnnie Berntesson’s black
flag penalty yesterday as he lost to Ian Williams in their semis, and
at first we thought it was going to come quickly. We won the first race
of our petit finals convincingly, and were leading in the second race
until he managed to roll us just before the bottom mark. This gave him
the choice of which side of the course he wanted and he chose the heavily
favoured right. The next time the two boats met, Berntesson had extended
to a comfortable lead which he kept up to the finish. The next race,
Berntesson pushed out to the right again and managed to gain a small
advantage which he defended well to win the series. We finished third.
Congratulations to Ian Williams and his team for taking out the title.
A special thanks to Line7, Harken and the Royal Perth Yacht Club for
their support