Bad Hair Day?


Hair Day?

August 28, 2008
1000 miles behind Puma with about 2000 mile to go to Gibraltar.

is a rundown of some testing conditions we’ve encountered in the
past 24 hours. A nasty low parked to the south of us and we had to beat
around the top of it. Mix in a little adverse current from the gulf stream
and you have a bit of uncomfortable sailing on your hands. But, all is
good now and we’re on a beam reach and churning up the miles after
getting into the southerlies. These winds should stick with us for a couple
of days. It’s been pretty interesting getting to know people’s
idiosyncrasies. For example, I have never seen Capey (Andrew Cape) get
into his bunk until I essentially until tucked him yesterday for a little
bit. He is always sleeping at his nav station or on the floor, or wherever
he seems to want to. A great tendency I guess, to be able to sleep anywhere,
anytime, in any condition, always in his foul weather gear ready to jump
at a moments notice. Michi Mueller claims he is going around the world
with his ponytail intact. I couldn’t imagine all that hair covered
in salt for days at a time, but he appears committed. The boys claim that
King Neptune may have something to say about Michi’s hairstyle when
he crosses the equator for the first time. But only time will tell, Michi
is the biggest guy on this boat and I for sure could seem him beating
down the person that cuts his locks. Boat handling on the lousy sea is
going well so far. Still working out a bunch of little bugs but that is
what we are doing this for. -Kenny Read