Mad World


ILYA A Scow OD Championship Regatta
Lake Mendota, Madison WI.
August 22-24 2008
Story from the Rev Petey
Photos from Pat Dunsworth

A Scow fleet, or at least the majority of them stormed into Madtown
this past weekend to lock horns in the ILYA OD Championship. The fleet
had 31 registered which would have made it the largest showing ever
for an A Scow regatta, although 2 boats had to pull out before the event
started which left us with 29 A Scows on the starting line. Quite a
contrast to the 2 boat match racing that took place at the Open Championships.
Clearly the OD group has the strength, support, and structure to continue
its growth well into the future. Tight racing was their vision and the
results mirrored this all the way to the end of the last race.

Day One

skies and a forecast of 15-20 were the conditions that awaited the fleet.
With a clean start right from the get go the 29 boats were off to battle.
The breeze was shiftier than usual on such a big body of water like
Mendota, and many teams were left scratching their heads wondering where
things went wrong. The I-49 team with 5 porters, a Melges and a Roth,
played the breeze perfectly and took the bullet in race one, with Buddy
and the I-1 close behind, immediately followed by David Chute on M-8
and Rob Evans M-1. *Note, The M-8’s crew consists of some of B-rads
old VBD team, T- Burton, Richie Anderson, and Mark Oppen. Its good to
see you guys racing A scows in the OD world, what took you so long?