Real Deal



is usually tough for most people to be at their best and brightest at
5:30am, but then again Mary Kate and Nick Scandone are not most people.
The picture above was taken before sunrise on Wednesday just before Nick
and coach Mike Pinckney, and Nick’s brother Rocky, were about to
board a United flight to Denver as the first part of Nick and crew Maureen
Tucker’s quest for Olympic Gold.

Last week, over 400 people showed up at Balboa YC to wish Nick well
before leaving for China. There were a few hearty souls who came out
before sunrise yesterday to help Nick get situated before departure,
and to give one final show of support, including Clarence Yoshikane,
Dennis & Wendy Potts, and Mark Gaudio. Mary Kate and her sister
Amy Klefeker will be joining Rocky and Mike in a few days to help support
Nick and Maureen in China.

Commenting on the outpouring of support in recent weeks after nearly
two decades for Nick trying to make the Olympic Sailing Team, Mary Kate
said “This has all been almost surreal the last few weeks. To
have so many people come out last week to see us off, it was like this
whole community coming together, just like in the movie “It’s
a Wonderful Life”. The generosity of so many people who have all
helped to make this possible is beyond description. We can’t thank
everyone enough”.

Nick and Maureen are ready to win. His attitude is so positive, it
is impossible to describe. For those of us who live in some small way
though all these extraordinary athletes, it truly is a wonderful life.
– Peter Huston.