Two To Tango

Too Tango

A sexy and spunky sailor chick reports on her first doublehanded race
– the Trans-Erie, aboard the Magnum P.I.-era Dehler DB1 – HeatWave.

was just like Christmas – all the planning and prep and shopping
and excitement, and then over so quickly. After several weeks of sailing
nightmares I was actually feeling really confident about the race. After
all, what’s so hard about a ¾ ton yacht with runners, a
cockpit full of spaghetti and every tweakable line known to man??? At
least the toe rails are the size of balconies…. I’ve got
2 years sailing experience – hand me a beer! First was the delivery
from BYC in Detroit to EYC in Erie, PA. We decided to leave Tuesday
night to give us plenty of time to get there in case something went
wrong (it IS the Heat Wave after all). Time to load the boat –
2 bottles of wine, check – plenty of goodies, check – sailing
gear, check – freshly washed fleece blankets and pillow cases…shit,
I knew we’d forget something!