What It’s Like Better late than never…


It’s Like

late than never…

It’s 3am and while most sailors are snug in their bunks for the
night, yacht designer Alan Andrews is up and on his way to LAX in order
to board a flight for the Sea-Tac airport. In just a few hours Alan
will be jumping onboard his newly designed Andrews
and taking in a few days at the crown jewel of Northwest Racing;
the vaunted 26th annual Whidbey Island Race Week.

Under new management this year with well known local Melges 24 racer,
Lidgard sails rep and fellow ‘anarchist’(jibeset) Gary Stuntz
taking over; the race week has again grown to over 120 boats and marks
Alan Andrews first visit to the cherished Penn Cove proving grounds.
As a veteran of many Race Weeks and other world famous races we took
the opportunity to sit down with Alan briefly to get his thoughts on
racing Whidbey for the first time….