BMW/Oracle launched the DoGzilla yesterday – which may or may not
be their Deed of Gift boat if a multihull Cup happens. Today, two years
after the birth of the project and 18 months after construction started,
the 40 metre (41 feet longer than the AC ride) maxi-trimaran Banque Populaire
V touched water, in Nantes, France.

At 7 a.m., the doors of Keroman Technologies’ build shed opened
to reveal the Banque Populaire maxi-trimaran. The team prepared for the
launch and, shortly before midday, the crane lifted the platform of the
largest racing trimaran in the world into the water. The complete absence
of wind and the professionalism of the team ensured that the operation
went smoothly.

The mast was stepped shortly thereafter, BP V left under power, for her
home point of Lorient.

The boat will undergo a battery of tests, at the pontoon, over the next
10 days. First sea trials will begin before the boat is christened in
Nantes on October 4th. Full
, and lots of launch