The Fisher King


Fisher King

Sails sailmaker Greg Fisher, along with his wife JoAnn, Jeff Eiber and
Sara Paisley won the 105-boat J/22 World Championship in Rochester last
weekend. We talked to Greg about his victory, sailing big events with
family, and some of the family friendly classes in which he sails. Photo
by Tim Wilkes.

SA: So this is your first World Championship –
how much sailing have you done up until now?

GF: My dad got my brother and me fired up about sailing
a very long time ago – let’s just leave it at that. It’s a lifetime
of sailing.

SA: You won this with your regular crew – you
wanna give ’em props?

GF: Of course! My wife JoAnn is on the bow, I’ve been
sailing with Jeff Eiber for more than twenty years, and we had a great
J/22 and Thistle sailor, Sara Paisley, with us.