Nobody around here is likely to forget the sad end to the life
of Hans Horrevoets, as he was washed overboard during the last Volvo
Ocean Race. We’ll also never forget how our righteous community stepped
up and contributed over $50,000 to Hans’ lovely wife Petra and their
two young children (she was pregnant with their youngest at the time
of Hans’ death.) We are guilty of not having styed in touch with Petra,
but reached out to her recently. She is doing her very best to cope
(yes even today) with her devastating loss, and sends the following.
If that doesn’t make you hurt, then nothing will.

Dear Sailing Anarchy Community,

would like to drop a short note to you all. It has been two years, three
months and six days now, since our daddy died during the Volvo Ocean
Race in May 2006. We want you to know that we are doing okay. We will
be four and two years old in a few months and we are happy & healthy.
Our mommy is doing the best she can to cope with daddy’s death. And
we -amongst many others- are helping her with that. We want to thank
you for your support; both emotionally and financially.

Bobby & Kit Horrevoets