Lost and Found


and Found

Afternoon. I’m a relative newbie to SA, but have sailing
in Chicago and Milwaukee for a few years and I wanted to pass along
an example of how the SA community is really that, a community, and
how it reaches out to help its members. Long story short, in 1972 my
old man won the Chicago Mac overall, however over the years he lost
the trophy that came along with his victory. Whenever he puts a few
too many back he always wishes he knew where the hell it ended up, as
he has since lost it in a series of moves.

In the Chicago Area III thread, I posted for anyone who has info on
how to get a replacement, please PM with some suggestions. Well, a member
by the name of Fast Laser turned me onto the guy who currently orders
the most recent years winning trophies, and he will be able to order
and get to me an exact replica of the ’72 overall trophy.

Needless to say, I’m thrilled that I’ll be able to replace the old
man’s trophy, and even more thrilled to see his face when he opens up
the gift, it is going to be the best present I could ever dream to give
him. This wouldn’t have been possible without Sailing Anarchy and it’s
great members, and especially without all the hard work I know that
you put into keeping this site and forum alive.

It is much apprecaited and thanks,

Troy Pierce