We all know about poison e-mails (christ knows
we’ve sent a few) but this one from photographer Andrea Francolini really
caught us by surprise:

Hey fat cunt.

Me and my friend Rob we think you are a very pretentious idiot.
You have no idea about what it’s art and good photography anyway. Should
be time for you to be retired, anyway

Andrea Francolini

We smelled bullshit – that didn’t sound like Andrea
– and right we were:

Hello Everyone,

You may have received an insulting email singed with my name by
using a GMAIL account.
I just wish to clarify that it does
not come from me and am sorry for the problem.
Someone has
opened an email account using my name and taking out his frustration
in a very lame and unprofessional way. I already have someone on the
case tracing this person down.
Thank you for your comprehension
and sorry if you have been contacted by this loser.


We can’t wait to see who it is!