Oman Love

Oman Love

It seems we’ve offended a few Oman-lovers (big surprise), and since we always like to learn about a new place, here are some of their comments:

“Oman is a wonderful place, one of my favourites worldwide and head and shoulders the best destination in the Middle East. Sailing season is in the winter.”

“The weather you quote is somewhat exaggerated- June, July and August are very hot with highs of over 40C and humidity on the 80’s but the months either side are extremely pleasant. “

“Having been to Oman, and sailed a little there (very little) it is a great spot.
Sailing does have a future in the Middle East. Look at Dubai and the boats that have been there recently. Of note Team NZ trained there, and some regattas they hold there have some big name rock stars turn up.”

“Below is a shot from the beach of the Al Bustan Hotel taken on my last family holday there – originally the finish of the Dubai Muscat offshore race.”

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