Send Lawyers, Guns and MOney

Here’s the text of the e-mail that Alinghi’s Brad Butterworth sent around last week to the signatories of the infamous 33rd Protocol.

“After the last round of appeals which SNG where [sic] successful we had a meeting at Alinghi and Ernesto has asked me to take on communication with the challengers as to getting things going for next time. To this end I want to organize a competitors [sic] meeting in the fall to review and create the next event. I will get back to you to send a notification and a [sic] agenda so we can get a date that suit [sic] all. If you have any questions please call me on my mobile number +XXXXXXXXX."

Brad – you’re a hell of a sailor, but judging from your e-mail you shouldn’t be “taking on communication” with anyone. Send lawyers instead – they’re cheaper in the long run.