Olympics, Inauspicious Beginning



Team USA’s Toronado sailors Charlie Ogiltree and
John Lovell describe their first race. They crossed the entire fleet
and then…

We blasted out of the blocks today in the first Tornado
race at the Summer Olympics. From there, weather and circumstances conspired
to flush us to the back of the pack. We crossed the finish line 14th
out of the 15 boats competing but at least we can say we’ve got
over our opening night jitters.

After a lack of breeze forced cancellation of our practice race yesterday,
we were looking forward to two races today on Course A, in front of
the TV cameras and the spectators arranged along the massive breakwater
that protects the yacht harbor and Olympic venue. With a 1:00 pm start
we left the dock at noon for the short sail to the course. Out on the
water the skies were dismal and the breeze very light and fluky. At
1:10 pm the committee signalled a postponement and sent us back to the
harbor where we waited ashore until the weather brightened at 3:30 and
we were called back out.