Aye Spy


Aye Spy

Ms. Fonder-Cox would like you to know that the denizens
of the Olympic Village in Qingdao are being observed. They must be,
as these two alleged incidents attest.

Andrew Palfrey, crew of the Australian Star skippered by Ian Murray
felt that the temperature of the refrigerator in his room was insufficiently
low, so, being an enterprising Aussie lad, he pulled the ‘frige away
from the wall and set about examining the works. In short order he found
the controls and dropped the operating temperature a couple of degrees
Celsius. Just one minute later the telephone in his room rang. It was
the reception desk with a solicitous question: "Are you having
trouble with your refrigerator, Mr. Palfrey?"

Lenka Smidova, the Czechoslovakian silver medallist at the last Games
in the Europe class who is sailing a 470, had made a shopping list in
her native Slavic language and left it on her desk when she went out
to train. Among the items was toothpaste. Imagine her surprise when
she returned to find a brand new tube of toothpaste on the desk with
a note saying: "We noticed you wanted some toothpaste."

Just how are the Chinese authorities monitoring the competitors? What
will they do when some of the girls decide to celebrate success in an
uninhibited manner – tape it for You-Tube?

Caviar Fonder-Cox