2008 I14 Worlds log


2008 I14 Worlds log
Warnemunde, Germany
USA 1177 Lucky Dog

Board the BA flight from LA to London and hope for an upgrade –
no luck, but the gold card gets me in the lounge for a quick snack and
some rum drinks. A good start.

July 12.
Change planes in London – the terminal 5 lounge
has bacon sandwiches, decaf coffee, and rum – and for some inexplicable
reason two full sized horse statues in the entry, both with lamps on
their heads. Board the plane for Berlin and sit on the ramp for an hour
before takeoff. Arrive Berlin Tegel airport and catch bus to main train
station – have a beer, then catch a train for Rostock, then change
for Warnumende. Arrive Warnemunde about 9:00 PM. Walk across a wooden
bridge and bump the wheelie suitcase across the cobble streets. Warnemunde
is a cool tourist destination with loads of restaurants and bars –
plus tonight loads of drunk people – there seems to have been
a Dragon (paddle) boat competition all day today on the canal, and it
seems to involve lots of beer. I find the Apt. and the boys, have a
few beers, and settle in to my basement (dungeon) bedroom.