The Delivery from Hell, Part 1

of Lia

Delivery from Hell

Part 1
Fl G 2.5s buoy marking Shagwong reef off Montauk Point on Long Island
is several hundred feet ahead. We have less than a mile to go to the
channel into Montauk Lake. Great Salt Pond on Block Island is 17.3nm
behind us, but it is too late to beat a retreat now. We are in the heart
of the electrical storm.

With visions of the trip shortly becoming my worst nightmare, I ordered
the crew down below into the cabin of the trimaran. They are poorly
dressed for wet weather and were already soaked. Through the gap under
my smock hood I can see the Russian sitting quietly at the nav station.
His head hung. Was he praying? The rain is falling so heavily at this
point that my clothing is pasted to my body. The hail hurts. Clutching
the tiller, I brace myself with my back to the worst.