Curse of SA

of SA

505 Pacific Coast Championship finished up last weekend hosted by St.
Francis YC and the host of the 2009 505 World Championships. The PCCs
drew a solid turn-out of West Coast teams and few out of towners eager
to get a taste of the San Francisco conditions and the Worlds venue.
Conditions were typical San Francisco uncomfortable summer conditions….cold,
wet and windy with winds around 18 to 25 for most races. Saturday was
sailed in the Berkeley Circle where the Worlds will be held and Sunday
off of the City Front. Sailing back from the Circle after a long day
of 3 races took roughly 1 hour and there were many tired teams after
day one. Yours truly had plenty of energy however after day 1 as we
ripped our chute during race one and weren’t able to make the next two
races – but won the race to the sauna and bar to improve our mood.