Happy Sunshine Olympics

Happy Sunshine

More ridiculousness from the Olympics. The only news
we’ve had from Qingdao is staggering security. We were in Beijing for
the men’s bicycle road race and get this: ZERO public access. ZERO as
in no public allowed to watch the start, race, or finish.

I was there to watch Christian Vande Velde, USA (5th place in this year’s
Tour de France) along with his dad who’d flown in from Chicago. In the
vicinity of the start area, we met people from all over the world who
were there for the same reason and tempers grew once the reality set
in. After 1 1/2 hrs searching for a taxi, we finally made our way to
the USOC Olympic House, where we watched the remainder on TV. The official
ticket site indicated ‘no tickets’, and everyone assumed there was access.
Apparently, the organizers meant ‘no tickee, no washee’, i.e. sorry
Charlie. In addition to zero access to the Olympic bike road races which
had people fuming,a Dutch friend brought 8 of his family to Qingdao
exclusively to watch sailing.

No tickets, no access, so they watched on their hotel TV. He’s livid…especially
after contributing a fortune donating Optimists and bringing Dutch/Belgian
trainers for sailing classes all over China. Absolutely incredible.
– David Winter