Steppin’ Up!



apparently we have been busy in the pre-season this year with not only
all those lovely rudders, daggerboards, tillers and other sailing gizmos,
but also putting together a new boat!! Competition Composites Inc. (CCI
& Phil’s Foils) are proud to offer the Quetzal singlehanded
skiff kit, in conjunction with the designer, Eric McNicholl of Velox
Design. It is available in various forms to suit a range of building
skills. The boat to the left is as seen on the Ottawa River in July
/ August races (it is for sale – $9,000 CDN / sail right now) :

CCI has been in the marine composites business for over 5 years (formerly
as Phil’s Foils) with a proven track record of quality product
at a price that makes sense. We have decided to broaden our product
range to include the kit boat market, initially with the Quetzal Skiff
from Velox Design.