American Mini

American Mini 

As huge fans of the Classe Mini, we’ve watched Mini sailors jump through the obstacle course of finding good Class boats to race in the US. With strong demand in Europe, a weak dollar, and the potentially nasty pain in the ass of importing used raceboats to the States, it’s been a chore at best.

We’re especially stoked to hear that US Class VP Sam Ausmus has founded Third Coast Composites specifically to build a new Series design by the proven Pierre Rolland. Sam’s build team includes Mini freaks Drew Wood and Kate Ambach – experienced composite builders and solo sailors themselves, and he’s avoided the usual builder/partner pitfalls by funding the entire company himself.

We certainly wish him luck, and congratulate Sam on having the balls to do something different. He said, “ If you’ve been thinking of a shorthanded race boat, have a peak at Third Coast, and keep an eye here for more news from them in the coming weeks.

We hope to grow shorthanded sailing in the US by offering extremely seaworthy boat to the NA Market. We expect her to be competitive not only in Mini Class US regattas, but also in Classe Mini races and all offshore single-handed races.”